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Lisa Tanguma

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About Us


Lisa Tanguma is proud to be a Native American/Latino and Anglo woman who has one of the top 3 Pilates STUDIOS. We are NOT a chain of studios but simply one studio helping clients change their lives. 


She is the founder and owner of Precision Pilates Plus since 2017.

In all my 25+ years as a Fitness Educator I observed so many things in this industry both good but also what could be improved. With that said, my goal was to have my own

amazing Pilates studio and fill it with the best of the best, not just instructors, but Movement Educators. My dream came to fruition in 2017.  Slowly but surely, Denver's finest qualified women have come to see their clients in an environment that promotes movement through healing using whatever tools necessary to help clients. These women are associates and run their own business inside of a business through Precision Pilates Plus. It allows each of us to help our clients achieve goals without being restricted by a company or cooperation. All of the clients here see physical, measurable gains.


Collectively, there is over 125 years of experience at the studio.

Check out all of our experience in detail on our "Specialists Page"


Lisa has over 2 1/2 decades of experience in both Personal training and Pilates. She loves doing rescue for animals and currently has 3 dogs and 1 cat. 

Camille is also certified in both Personal training and Pilates. She and her husband have their hands full with the pride and joy of their lives, their children.

Laurie has nearly a quarter of a century experience in Pilates and management. Laurie enjoys walking, biking and pickleball!

MaryPat has 30+ years of experience as a movement educator in Pilates. Family night is at the top of the enjoyent list. Checkers and Family Feud home edition are her favorites. 

China is our Pilates Instructor in the making. She is our student Pilates educator who specializes in the CoreAlign. China has some serious skateboarding skills!

Rachel has her degree in Physical Therapy and specializes in assisted stretching and percussive massage. 

Robin has more than 20 years experience in teaching Yoga. She has a love for pets and currently has a dog she has rescued. 

We offer a plethora of modalities to give our clients exactly what they need. Whether it's pain management, Pre or Post Natal work, Pilates pre & post joint replacement, gentle Yoga, myofascial work, personalized stretching, percussive massage, balance work,  sport specific training for Golf, Skiing, Tennis, Basketball and more we have the knowledge to get you the results you not only want but DESERVE!

Whatever your need is in your fitness journey and physical body we are the answer.

Our Certifications are as follows:

  • Mat Pilates

  •  Equipment based Pilates 

  • Brains and Balance Specialist past 60  

  • Personal Training  

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Suspension training / TRX

  • Group Exercise Instructor 

  • Licensed in Physical Therapy

  • Certification in Reflexology

  • Nutrition

  • Personalized Assisted Stretch and much more

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