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Pilates?  Personal Training?

We here at Precision Pilates Plus have dedicated decades in continuous learning to provide you with a safe, effective and fun way to integrate fitness and well-being into your life.

New to Pilates?  Personal Training?

Our Intro to Pilates or Personal Training package is designed for those with no previous experience in Pilates and or Personal Training. This 5 package one on one private sessions will give you the tools you need to learn about your own body and to customize, add modifications to be able to enter into Pilates and or Fitness group classes. 

 Private sessions, Personalized stretch,

Percussive massage, Red light therapy 

These sessions are available for those individuals who are looking for specific goals, those with specific needs and/or would like customized workouts. 

 Duo sessions?

Duo sessions are perfect for you and a family member or friend to take Pilates or Yoga and save money. 

Previous Pilates Experience?

Make Precision Pilates Plus your new fitness home by taking a one-time assessment session to insure you are ready for Pilates group classes. 


In-home video Sessions?

Mat Pilates, Functional Training and Stretch sessions are now available!

For both One on One and Duo sessions!

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