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Precision Pilates Plus takes pride in a clean and functional full service studio


State of the Art

We have Balanced Body Pilates equipment including the new CoreAligns. Our equipment looks as good as the first day it was used. All equipment is meticulously cleaned every day and tune ups are done on all of the equipment as needed. 

studio reformers.jpg

5 Reformers

5 Balanced Body state of the art Reformers customized higher legs to make getting in and out of easier. 

Studio Ladder Barrels.jpg

 2 Ladder Barrels 

2 Full Ladder Barrels, 5 Balanced Body Arc trainers. Full and half foam rollers. All designed to give the client body awareness, mobility and flexibility. 

Studio CoreAligns.jpg

2 CoreAligns

2 Balanced Body state of the art CoreAligns.  The CoreAligns are as their name states. The focus is on core and alignment from the top of the head to the pinky toe. 

Studio chairs.jpg

5 Chairs

5 Balanced Body state of the art Combo Chairs.  The Combo chair will challenge your stamina. It proves to be a great workout. 

Studio Cadillacs.jpg

2 Cadillac / Trapeze table

Peak full Cadillac-Trapeze convertible reformer table

1 Balanced Body Cadillac-Trapeze table.  Named the Cadillac for the fact that these machines can do every exercise imaginable. 

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