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We offer group Pilates and Yoga

Along with small group training classes

We also have assisted stretch and percussive massage sessions


We value your time and believe in price transparency

All of our prices are listed on our WellnessLiving store:

Private or Duo Sessions

FitNiche Group Training

 Gifts & Equipment 

Group Classes

Group classes can be used for Pilates or Yoga classes

Private sessions can be used for Pilates, stretch, and massage sessions

Group Class Schedule

Our complete group class schedule is available on WellnessLiving


Bookings & Appointments

Book group classes using the WellnessLiving website

or by using the WellnessLiving Achieve app on you Apple or Android phone

Please call 303-918-9084 to schedule your

Private/Duo Pilates, yoga, personal stretch, and massage sessions

In-Home video sessions are also available

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