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Lisa, the owner has over 2 decades in the Fitness Industry. She has had just about every certification there is regarding fitness (less Yoga). Her goal has aways been to have an amazing Pilates studio and fill it with the best of the best of Denver's finest qualified women. These women run their own business inside of a business through Precision Pilates Plus. It allows each of us to help our clients achieve goals without being restricted by a company or cooperation. All of the clients here see physical, measurable gains.  



Camille is a Denver native and a former professional dancer. She began her personal training career in 2004. Camille is a movement educator educating her clients how to move better through proper alignment, creating a stronger and pain free body. Camille is both a Personal trainer and Pilates educator.  She loves working with both Pre and Post Natal women! Camille also has certifications, Nutrition and TRX Suspension.



Laurie has nearly 25 years experience in Pilates. During that time she managed a Pilates Studio for 12 years.

 She completed the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program in 2013. She is honored to share the lineage work of Joseph Pilates,  Kathy Grant and Cara Reeser with her clients and fellow instructors.  Her clients will tell you her cheerful disposition is contagious.



China is our Pilates Instructor in the making. She is working on her teaching hours through Balanced Body. Every Pilates instructor must log in hundreds of hours before teaching clients. Her goal is to teach not only CoreAlign, but to get her certification as a Pilates Movement Educator. China has some serious skateboarding skills!



MaryPat has been teaching Pilates since the mid-1990s. She has the skills and knowledge to teach different modalities in order to help her clients. MaryPat has logged in thousands of hours perfecting her skill to help her clients. Her abilities translate in working from those who have pain, challenged balance, those baby boomers to a skilled Pilates client. 



Rachel has been a licensed physical therapist since 2001 specializing in rehabilitation and preventative health. Her skills assist her clients in reducing chronic pain, improving and maintaining mobility. She has many modalities in which she uses with her clients. She is very passionate about understanding the human body and helping her clients to get and stay functional in their everyday lives. 

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